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Aztec Warrior Championships...

04/04/2016, 3:00pm MDT
By Steve McNulty - Associated Wrestling Press

Test yourself with the baddest in the badlands...

Aztec Warrior Championship

Welcome to the New Mexico “Badlands”! Centuries ago several proud and noble peoples, the Aztec, Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache populated this incredible area of our country. Their civilizations were remarkable, and to this day adventure seekers from all over the country flock to this beautiful area of fantastic rock formations and cultural ruins of times past. It has been said that one can imagine that you are on another planet standing in the middle of this daunting landscape.

Farmington, New Mexico is located smack in the middle of this historic area and on the weekend of April 23rd and 24th people will be flocking to these “Badlands” for another reason… The Aztec Warrior Championship! Young warriors from the “Four Corners” to Mesa Verde and beyond will be on a Vision Quest a “rite of passage” that will set the stage to see which warriors will prove their worth.

This year the Aztec Championship will feature not only Folkstyle wrestling but also Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and Grappling to make for a well-rounded tournament. This Double Elimination extravaganza will culminate in the victors bringing home fantastic awards worthy of the committed efforts of these young warriors. This year there will be Trophies for 1st - 3rd AND Custom Medals for 4th - 6th in Folkstyle. As usual the RMN Trophies and Medals are unmatched in quality and will be a proud and lasting memento of the battle in the New Mexican “Badlands”. Come and experience the world of the Aztecs as the great warrior spirits of old look down on the young wrestlers in proud approval of their courageous journey to be all they can be.

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