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VomBaur gives credit to wrestling...

03/15/2016, 9:45am MDT
By Steve McNulty - Associated Wrestling Press

Ben VomBaur and "Bear Cave" ROARING into the Duels and Nationals

Ben VomBaur – Transparency

“Transparency” is an exceptionally deep word. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability; it is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency is practiced in companies, organizations, administrations, and communities. It is what characterizes the life and coaching style of Ben VomBaur, and during my interview with Coach Ben I found his transparency to be refreshingly visible.

Growing up Ben was anything but transparent. He was a very troubled teen hiding his anger and his fear as he tried to navigate his way through his chaotic universe. Even though Ben was very smart and was constantly being placed in accelerated academic programs in middle school, his life was seemingly unmanageable, and he frequently got into trouble as he got into fights and rebelled against authority figures. The results led to Ben being kicked out of school. The crazy and painful world of a boy in the 7th grade is no picnic. Kids are caught up in a hormonal hurricane of middle school madness, and it is then when the majority of academic and behavioral challenges start to come to fruition. Back then for Coach Ben, wrestling, like a Knight in shining armor, came galloping to the rescue and helped him to be able to focus on things that were important and positive. Wrestling literally turned his life around; it redirected his angst and channeled all of that pinned up energy toward something positive. Coach VomBaur revealed that one of the most crucial elements to his radical shift was the wrestling community particularly the coaches. “Wrestling surrounded me with good people”, Coach VomBaur said with sincere conviction. “To me that is the most important thing, relating wrestling to life and the challenges of life.” To this day Coach Ben still stays in touch with the influential coaches that used wrestling to teach life lessons in every practice.” Today Coach Ben uses that same level of transparency to shine the light of truth into the lives of the kids in his program the Bear Cave Youth Wrestling.

Coach VomBaur has an impressive wrestling resume ranging from the 7th grade all the way to the present. In addition to all of the awards and metals, He was a two-time All-American and a two-time PAC 10 Champion at Boise State. Ben has coached at all levels in his 12 years of coaching including 2 Championship high school teams in Utah,  as well as college level coaching at the University of Wyoming, and the University of Northern Colorado. Now he focuses on his club Bear Cave Wrestling, and he is enjoying a great deal of success spearheading this Championship team. The kids of Bear Cave will be roaring down to the Middle School Duels and the Rocky Mountain Nationals being led by a man who is transparent enough to reveal the truth about the difficulties of being a kid living in an often chaotic world dealing with the good and the bad, the successes and failures, and the highs and lows as he passes on life lessons learned from his successful journey. Shine on Coach Ben!

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