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Grappling duels - highlights best of the best...

01/11/2016, 6:45pm MST
By Editor

Entertainment has found a new niche!

Denver, CO. Grappling just got a big shot in the arm! Not known for the excitement of a cage fight, however, not until Fight to Win introduced a new way of producing grappling duels.

On it's second installment of the newest grappling night that features athletes as young as 9-years old, wining cash prizes. It also includes some of the best grapplers in the country showcasing their skills on this special grappling night of champions. 

The events are scheduled at the Stadium Arena in Denver, Colorado. A very fitting venue, which has the appearance of what you could easily imagine gladiators from the Roman empire battling it out in front of thousands back in the day.

The production consists of more than $100,000 and all the action takes place an one elevator mat surface. For more information, visit or

The next scheduled event is scheduled in just a few months. Stay tuned for more information.

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