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USA Grappling League

01/11/2016, 12:15pm MST
By Editor

Grappling League comes to Colorado

New Grappling League hits Colorado!

DENVER, CO: USA Grappling League hits the Denver Market with huge benefits! “We see a dynamic growing opportunity as more and more athletes join dojos across the country. We have been approached numerous times to assist in launching a league that offers resources that will help each and every dojo across the land with some of the challenges in maintaining a great service.” Said, Adam Gutierrez, President of RMN Events.

The services and benefits the new USA Grappling League has combined to offer the clubs will be able to increase the levels of benefits for each team member joining your dojo.

“We are committed to making an affordable opportunity for all dojos in your state and local community. Gutierrez said, “Our team in Broomfield, CO is here to be a support system and assist you in becoming more successful.”


We have waited for something like this to come along for a long time, this will help our dojo immensely.” - A.G. Frederick, Colorado

“The Benefits and savings to my dojo alone, secures our future business of operating a business.” T.E. Arvade, Colorado


• Comprehensive sports accident & liability insurance. Members will have peace of mind that coaches, athletes & officials are covered for 12-months

• Insurance includes coverage for practices, travel to and from events, staff and camps or clinics.

• Your dojo will be partnered with a minimum of 18 local merchants that will offer savings with your own custom logo on each card. $5.00 of each card will be rebated back to your dojo.


Why join USA Grappling League? Strength in numbers! Working together will offer a tremendous body of strength. Access to custom sublimated apparel, including your own custom Gi’s, fight shorts, rash guards, with a professional artist that will deliver high quality logos, banners, flyers, all available to place on your very own store page, where you can look forward to increasing profits with no risks and very low minimum orders.

Each team will offer the space to recognize individual efforts, goals and accomplishments. Post news, pictures and changes to practice schedules. Hosting an event? This will help in assisting you for minimal costs for advertising, promotion and marketing.


• Insurance

• Team store with residual income

• Advertising, Promotion, Marketing

• Discounted savings at local merchants

USA Grappling League memberships will:

Create event opportunities for additional fundraising for dojo members.

Offer certified officials to ensure safety, smooth tournaments and good calls.

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