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Who's Bad? National Classic - Moved

12/14/2015, 4:00pm MST
By RMN Events

With the season in full swing means that Who’s Bad? National Classic and other great RMN Events tournaments are just around the corner. Who’s Bad? National Classic has moved back to make its permanent stay in Denver, CO. With it’s new home Who’s Bad? has also added some new features such as the Women’s Divison, Video Challenge Flags, Live Video etc. Going into the New Year and the second part of your season, keeping the edge becomes a key factor in your success. Who’s Bad? National Classic has become the winter break tournament to hit to stay ahead of the competition.

We are not only excited to see who catches a position on the podium but also in our rankings. RMN Events Rankings have become the top pick on popular rankings for and other main wrestling hubs across the US. So in short if you’re looking for a top tournament to hit with great awards and fun for the whole family don’t miss out on Who’s Bad? National Classic. At the very least you will get to experience what the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer in perhaps its most popular season.

While you are out on the RMN Events circuit be sure to keep your eye out for some familiar faces such as current UFC Champs Rafael Dos Anjos, Daniel Cormier, and others like Mark Munoz, Bubba Jenkins, or Tito Ortiz.  These are a few of our sports biggest names that attend RMN Events and we are honored to have them bring kids out to our events to compete.

“Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Doubt is only removed by ACTION; if you’re not working then that’s where DOUBT comes in” -Conor McGregor (UFC Featherweight Division Champion)


Who's Bad? National Classic 
January 2, 2016
Denver, CO.

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