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Cat Zingano Supports New Women’s Divisions at RMN Events

08/20/2015, 3:00pm MDT
By Arthur Hamill

Cat Zingano Supports New Women’s Divisions at RMN Events

Women in all sports face some sort of adversity. Especially in wrestling, women face challenges because of a lack of competition in the sport. RMN Events is proud to announce the introduction of women’s divisions at select tournaments.

This is a groundbreaking step for the sport and the RMN Events series; it will expand the field of competition for women in youth wrestling. At the 2012 Olympic games, the US wrestling team brought 13 men and only 4 women. RMN Events aims to help improve these numbers through the addition of women’s divisions. By adding women’s divisions at the RMN Events series, RMN Events is furthering positive developments in the sport and ensuring its future.

In light of the Olympic committee declaring that they want to improve women’s involvement in the sport, this is a major step in the right direction. Additionally, RMN Events still allows girls to wrestle against boys, so the field of competition is maximized and not limited in any way by these new divisions.

We spoke with one of UFC’s top contenders Cat Zingano about RMN Events’ new women’s divisions. She believes that these new women’s divisions are “…good opportunities for girls, and something we’ve definitely earned and worked for,” and that she’s “…excited for our [women’s] future, and it really shows how far we’ve come.”

Zingano started wrestling when she was 12 years old in the midst the Title IX controversy when there were no girl’s divisions in wrestling. She continued wrestling all the way into her college career, becoming a four-time All-American and National Champion, later making the transition to MMA. She came up in the first generation of women wrestlers, and now she is among the highest level of MMA competitors in the world, and the #2 ranked fighter in the UFC.

“I wanted to learn everything about the sport, I thought it was fascinating and constantly challenging…it’s the most competitive sport I’d ever experienced internally and externally. I fell in love with it and identified with it very quickly.”

Zingano offered some advice to young women in wrestling seeking to make a career in the sport.

“It’s definitely going to be hard, there are gonna be days where you don’t want it to be, but you gotta push through them and remember you do it for fun and the love of the sport. It doesn’t always stay hard, but it’s something to accomplish and getting through it will set you up for life with problem solving skills for a high level of sport and competition…It takes a very unique individual, especially for girls, to want to participate in a sport like this, it takes a warrior spirit, but it will connect you with other kindred spirits. It’s a fantastic way to live and a fantastic way to grow up.”

RMN Events is thrilled to introduce women’s divisions, and we believe that this development will offer immeasurable growth in the sport of wrestling, its competitors, and community. 

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